Kyle & Kehlani Get Animated in “Playinwitme” Lyric Video


KYLE and Kehlani have a happy hit on their hands with the infectious “Playinwitme.” Adding to the track’s playful vibes, the artists get transformed into puppets and animated characters in the comedic lyric video.

The opening is reminiscent of an old-school animation series. Kyle wakes up and checks his phone, only to realize he hasn’t received any messages from his lover. After texting his girl “Good morning beautiful” and getting no response, Kyle becomes upset and attempts to clean his room in order to get out of a bad mood. To his delight, his lady accidentally shares her location but when he arrives at the coffee shop, she’s nowhere to be found.

Kehlani appears and is seemingly going through her own issues with her lady as well. Kehlani and Kyle head back to their respective homes to prepare themselves to see the girl who has been “playing” with their emotions. When Kyle and Kehlani arrive at the party, they realize they’ve been led on by the same girl, who is in the party dancing with someone else. Instead of wallowing in sadness, the heartbroken duo takes a trip to “Down-N-Out” — a play on the famous Los Angeles burger joint In-N-Out — to eat and a friendship quickly blossoms.

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