Watch: Niia Teams Up with Gallant in “Constantly Dissatisfied” Duet Video


Breakout singer Niia is dealing with the troubles of dissatisfaction in the brand new Sasha Samsonova-directed video for her song “Constantly Dissatisfied.”

The smooth, jazzy cut is the latest single off her acclaimed debut album I to get the video treatment. Samsonova has been behind her visuals as well as fellow vocalist Gallant, who now joins Niia on the song and as her romantic lead.

Vintage Hollywood is the theme of the cinematic production as Niia emotes over relationship struggles. “Do I give up too easy? / Or do I hold on too long?” she sings with passionate poise. “I know you’re not the reason / Still, I can’t help feeling wrong.”

Scenes of the two singers arguing in their home are sliced through performance shots and emotional moments pondering their situation. Gallant appears on the second verse now with a response that questions his own investment in the relationship and why he’s still fighting to keep it together.

“Do I even want to beg the question? / Do I even want to analyze?” he sings. “Why my bitter heart stops at the front door of your loving babe? / It’s too cold to dignify.”

The lovers come together vocally and visually with a performance together to close out the surprise duet, which ends with one of them in a swimming pool. Watch the stunning new video above!

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