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Listen: Boy Band Next Town Down Make It Look “Easy” With New Single


It’s no secret that R&B groups have struggled to make it in today’s music industry. Singing talent alone is only a fraction of the necessary factors in building and maintaining a fan base. But, if gifted voices come together and know how to perfectly accompany each other in harmony, they can still garner the deserving attention. The latest emerging group to do so is Los Angeles based Next Town Down.

The quintet–consisting of Chris Louis, Leon Outlaw Jr., Malik Knigten, Terence Thomas, & Tre’Von Waters have been doing just that while building a solid following through their viral cover videos on YouTube. With over 300K subscribers on their channel to date, they’ve already made some really famous fans including Mariah Carey and fellow boy bands, Boys II Men and N’SYNC.

Covers is one thing, but originals is another. So, that leads us to why Next Town Down should 100% be on your radar. Over an instantly infectious and silky production, the fellas deliver praise for a new love interest, but remain cordial in their approach on the new song “Easy.”

“Baby, when you walk right into the room everything gon’ stop,” they sing. “I can’t wait anymore but I will if you want / Baby, I wanna know / Baby, I wanna know / How you make it look easy?”

“Easy” is exactly the smooth slow jam with classic R&B elements that proves Next Town Down has a real shot at R&B boy band success.

Take a listen below.

Originating from across the US, the members of Next Town Down all met through social media (Chris Louis had previously competed on America’s Got Talent as Chris Eisenberg).

According to a press release, the boys came together with a mission to bring back old school R&B vibes and boy band energy with sultry harmonies and vibe.

  1. RepRightSongs 6 years ago

    It sounds tight. I like it. They have great voices too. I haven’t heard of them until now. They are making this song sound so good that they make it appear to be “Easy” getting me interested :)

  2. Anonymous 5 years ago

    I love you malik Knighten ❤️

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