Tiara Thomas Caters To Herself in “I Need” Video


Tiara Thomas gets in her feelings in the video for “I Need,” the opening song on her recent EP FWMM. The singer/songwriter brings the cameras into her bedroom as she sings about all the things she feels are essential to her life and artistry. Displaying a chill vibe, Tiara rocks a baggy Indiana University hoody but in the background a nearly naked female sits on the bed behind her.

“I need money, I need sleep, I need new shit, I need peace,” she sings. “I need you when, I want the D / I need true shit, when you talk to me / Yeah, I could use some inspiration / I need someone I can create with.”

Additional scenes find Thomas in a dark room contemplating life. She attempts to fill some time browsing the internet and smoking, but returns to the bed. However, as in the lyrics, Tiara comes to embrace her needs and remains confident that she’s on the right path. “It’s a lot of things I want I’ma get ’em to,” she sings. “I can feel it / My hands to the ceiling.”

Check out the moody video above.

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