Watch: Jorja Smith Releases “Blue Lights” Video


Jorja Smith has been re-promoting her breakout single “Blue Lights” with some recent performances, including “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “COLORS.” Today (May 4), the burgeoning English songstress premieres an official music video for the compelling song.

The black-and-white visual delivers a raw, and slightly bleak overview of life in certain U.K. neighborhoods. Smith doesn’t appear in the video, but it rather focuses on different men and boys in varied locations. One particular character is a contortionist who twists and turns his figure in painful looking positions, but all set to the tracks hard-hitting percussion.

“Gun crime into your right ear / Drugs and violence into your left,” sings Jorja. “Default white headphones flooding the auditory / Subconscious waves you accept / You’re sitting on the 4 back home / ‘Where you at, G? Answer your phone!’/ Pause the poison to answer his message / Your boy sounds rushed, fears for his adolescence.”

The stark content of the song is subdued under Jorja’s raw talent but one deep interpretation of the lyrics and its abundantly clear that she is wise beyond her years. Jorja Smith is currently touring North America on a sold-out headlining trek which culminates on May 13 in Washington, D.C.

“Blue Lights” will be featured on her debut album Lost & Found, which is due out June 8.

Featuring songs mostly written between the ages of 16-18, the album is said to be a youthful exploration of love and anger, but also an album about self-discovery. “I’ve never rushed anything in my life,” Jorja says. “I like 2018, because what does 2 plus 0 plus 1 plus 8 equal? Eleven. Which is my favorite number in the world. So, I think it’s meant to be.”

Check out the video above.

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