Watch: Kehlani Joins KYLE in Retro Dating Game Inspired “Playinwitme” Video


After getting animated together in the artistic lyric video, Kehlani and KYLE get retro’d in the playful dating show inspired music video for their popular collaboration “Playinwitme.”

Directed by Colin Tilley, the comical clip is a hilarious take on “The Dating Game” called “Playin Wit Me.” Baelani and KYLE (playing the role of Chad) face off against Cody (played by actor Mark Rosen) for the affection of Bianca (Amara Vayder), while DJ SuperDuperBrick handles the hosting duties.

Designed to look like an early ’90s program, the show features some interesting competitions, including a “Q&A,” “Surf’s Up,” and a “Dance Off.” In the end, a blindfolded Amara has to pick her favorite potential boo, leaving KYLE and Kehlani in the dust.

Recently, KYLE told Beats 1 how much fun he has with Lani, a longtime friend. “I met her, and she was hella cool,” he explained. “I’m like, ‘Wow this might be the coolest person I damn near ever ran into in my life.’ Then, I was living on Skid Row, literally in the trap, and Kehlani pulled up dolo.”

“Playinwitme” is a single off KYLE’s forthcoming debut album, Light of Mine, which is due May 18.

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