Mila J May 18

Listen: Mila J Drops New EP ‘May 2018’


What a year it has been so far for Mila J. No one should question her work ethic or talent after the consistent quality content that she has been spewing out for fans each and every month in 2018. The Los Angeles songstress has released a new EP each month of the year, and as May turns to June, Mila is back with her latest, ‘May 2018.’

Similar to April 2018, the EP includes 5 new, original songs. While the last project’s sound progressed with the season, carrying an uplifting, and at times, uptempo batch of tracks, Mila continues with the feel-good vibes.

On the slinky “Pump,” the singer/songwriter recalls a crush that she had on her trailer at the gym. “Boy you look better with me,” she sings. “I’ll break it down if you don’t understand / ‘Cause when you fall in love with me / I’ll make you into a better man.”

Stream Mila’s May set via Spotify below.

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  1. astoldbyroman 6 years ago

    I love that she is doing this every month. This one and March have been the best of the EP’s so far, I could’ve done without the others.

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