Watch VanJess Bring 90’s Soul with ‘COLORS’ Performance


VanJess go two-tone on ‘COLORS.’ The sister duo are the latest rising R&B act to appear on the Berlin-based performance series, and we are illuminated by their set.

The California-based artists bring their 90s-fueled sultriness to life with their infectious single “Addicted.”

Set against a blue background with a teal-hued stage floor, the Nwokike sisters look beautiful as they deliver a very soulful rendition of the latest single off their much-anticipated debut album.

“‘Addicted’ represents the more R&B and hip-hop side of the album,” VanJess previously said about the single. “The melodies and arrangement actually embody our core sound. When we created it, the rest of the album sort of just came together.”

Watch their ‘COLORS’ performance below.

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