Listen: Jacquees Shares 4 New Tracks


Staying high and steady off the release of 4275, Cash Money crooner Jacquees releases four new songs unwilling to even give listeners the opportunity to miss him, if all but even a little.

The first track is the collaborative FYB “Pull Up.” It is an upbeat, playful, more indulgent record that self-selects onto pre-game or main event playlists however, Jacquees’ chorus input sits entirely in peripheral for the contributions of the Fresh Young Boys.

Next up is “Who’s,” where Quees takes a refreshingly more subtle and considered approach. He asks: “Who’s giving you all your love? / Who’s bringing you all your pain? / Who’s making sure that you straight?”

The answers to his questions are as important as the act of asking at all and with purpose. Jacquees croons, “Give me the time in a day / Girl I’ll put you on my plate / I bet I’ll never be late.”

The third track, “Jump On It,” is without a doubt the most grabby of the four releases. Fans of 4275 may have heard an inkling of a Ginuwine sample from the synthetic burps that ran intermittently on “Play the Field,” but Jacquees draws a more obvious parallel here with his intoxicating, and perhaps a more mighty rendition of “Pony.”

The fourth and final new song, “Put Your Game On Me,” is yet another bedroom anthem that works-in ocean metaphors to paint the accounts of evening escapades. In a welcome pace, the lyrics empower his love interest to be the one to take reign of the night, portraying a gentle and soulful vibe as keyboard chords swirl back and forth between both ears, and the woody accents of snare clicks prompts listeners to kick back in the midst of the record’s submerging, albeit predictable, wordplay.

Written by Connor Ki-Noh

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