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Emerging Artist Stefan James Makes Stellar Introduction with Debut Single “Situation”


Emerging vocalist, songwriter and producer Stefan James makes his stellar introduction with the hypnotic debut single, “Situation,” via Republic Records. The R&B leaning artist recently played to a packed house for his showcase in New York City at E&C studio.

Written as a reflection on the trials and tribulations of addiction, “Situation” contrasts delicate instrumentation against the 20-year-old’s entrancing falsetto. “We in the same situation / Attracted to the pain,” he sings on the chorus. “We in the same situation / Just you me and cocaine.”

Stefan James’ music and lyrics pull from a life marred by tragic events, including battles with addiction and substance abuse, as well as the tragic loss of his older brother. Stefan turned to music to lead him on his road to recovery. Creating music enabled him to share this pain productively and poetically.

“I’ve been there,” Stefan says in a press release, speaking to all who are dealing with depression, loss or addiction. “When you’re feeling down, just put a couple of my songs on and cry or smile. Whatever you have to do to get through that moment. You’re not alone.”

Take a listen to “Situation” below and expect to hear more from Stefan James this fall.

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