Rihanna Stuns in Vintage Looks for ‘Garage Magazine’


The fall fashion season is in full swing and Rihanna is back gracing another magazine, following her stunning spread for Vogue UK. The pop siren’s latest cover feature comes with Garage Magazine in an issue titled, ‘The Human Future.’

In the photos by Deana Lawson, RiRi is decked out in flowing fabrics by high-end designers such as Valentino, Gucci, Alexander McQueen and some unique vintage pieces selected by stylist Carlos Nazario.

“Ri is somebody who sees so much, and she, obviously, is constantly seeing current season samples,” says Nazario. “I felt like it wasn’t that exciting for her to only wear things that I’m sure she’s familiar with, you know?” Bad Gal’s cover fit includes a rose bolero from the 1960s. “I always like to incorporate vintage pieces, because it’s a whole world of clothing that people haven’t seen,” adds Carlos.

See the photos below, and read more about the story of dressing Rihanna for Garage here.

Rihanna Garage Cover

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