Queen Naija Performs “Karma” Acoustic


Breakout artist Queen Naija is on a journey of healing, using and sharing her relationship experiences with her legion of fans. The YouTube star has been successfully transitioning into a career as a singer/songwriter since her first single “Medicine” catapulted her onto the Billboard Hot 100. The follow-up song, “Karma” came quickly in advance of her recently released self-titled EP.

While she continues to promote the project, Queen has recorded a special performance of “Karma” for her Vevo channel, where she shares the meaning and inspiration for the song and gives a stripped-down acoustic performance.

“I’m just letting him know, I might be sad right now, you might be happy, but later on the table’s gonna turn,” says Naija about the songs purpose. “It just makes me feel good that other women can relate to what I’m writing, but it also makes me feel sad because so many woman have to feel this way.”

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