Kelly Rowland Returns with the New Single “Kelly”


Kelly Rowland ain’t humble no more. The R&B songstress surprises fans with the confident new single, “Kelly.”

Flexing a racked up attitude Rowland boasts about whips, drip, stash, and her big house on the hill.

“You know bosses move in silence / And I ride it like it’s stolen / ‘Cause my name is Kelly Rowland,” she sings.

She also claps back at her haters. “Kelly ain’t got no chill / Kelly don’t really give a fuck how you feel,” sings Kelly, who previously teased the track on Instagram. “Kelly got a foot on your throat, ni**a.”

Rowland has been working on her first album since 2013’s Talk a Good Game, which was inspired by motherhood. “I’m in this really glorious time in life where I feel like I’m receiving a lot of information and I feel like I have to give that back out, too,” she told Beats 1 last year. “My theme is the extraordinary simple life of me. It doesn’t take a lot for me to be a happy girl. I like simple things. I like extraordinary things too, so I had to put that in there. It’s just a really colorful and beautiful record so far. I’m very excited.”

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  1. rachimayes 5 years ago

    hot shit

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