Ronnie Walka You and I

Emerging Artist Ronnie Walka Releases New Single & Visual, “You and I”


Like a cool breeze on a humid day Ronnie Walka comes in like a breath of fresh air with his new offering. Coming off of the visual for “TIFTL,” his soulful tribute to womanhood, “You and I” is a passionate plea from a man nearing the end of a relationship, that he’s battling to save.

In the process of the break-up he begins to reminisce about better times, yearning to turn the clock back. A real make up-to-break up song that will have you feeling every single word.

Ronnie is a perfectionist when it comes to his craft, with amazing vocals that race and soar you will be stunned at his vocal power, range, nuanced delivery and insightful lyrics.

Both the song and video are out now and available on all digital music platforms including iTunes and Google Play.

Stay tuned for more hot music from Ronnie Walka including the forthcoming EP, ‘I am R&B.’

For more info visit and follow him on Twitter and Instagram – @iamronniewalka

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  3. Asile 5 years ago

    hola!¿qué pasa con la página?

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