Justine Darcenne - Loose Ends

New Music: Justine Darcenne – “Loose Ends”


The name Justine Darcenne may not be familiar to you right now, but that could all change after you hear her new single “Loose Ends.” And though the summer may be coming to an end, you may be throwing this on your “Hot Girl Summer” playlist for the grande finale.

Produced by Melissa Lyric, the singer-songwriter — who has previously worked with artists like Trey Songz — creates an anthem for all of the ladies out there that are determined to not let a man take their focus. Singing out “I be too dope, too fly / I be too lit, I’m just tryna shine / It don’t matter if you spendin’ / I don’t really need a boyfriend,” Darcenne reminds the ladies (and the fellas) that there’s no need for a boyfriend when you have so much going on by yourself.

Falling in line with the previous women empowerment anthems, “Loose Ends” is an in-your-face reminder that if he’s not doing what he needs to do, you need to trade him in, sis.

Give the song a listen below.

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