What You May Have Missed Mondays

What You May Have Missed


With the constant releases of R&B music, it’s sometime difficult to stay updated on everything that comes out. Although you may have weekends off from work, we understand that there are times that you just forget to check out new music releases. And while we’re always here to give you day-by-day updates, we figured giving you a recap of some of the best R&B tracks and moments from weekend’s past at the top of each week is a great way for you to hear all the good stuff in one place.

Here’s what you may have missed while you were out living your best life this weekend:

Jacquees released a sizzling new single — “Hot For Me” — featuring Lil Keed & Lil Gotit

The self-proclaimed “King of R&B” delivered the sexy new single over the weekend and its already been on repeat for plenty of R&B lovers. Serving as a holdover until the release of his upcoming sophomore album “Round 2,” if “Hot For Me” is a prelude to the sound expected, we’re definitely here for it.


Bridget Kelly returned with a new #PressPlay worthy EP titled “The Great Escape” 

It’s been a bit since we’ve gotten a project from Bridget Kelly and while “The Great Escape” is only a sample, we’re excited that it’s here. Featuring production from Grammy winning duo Ayo N Keyz, the songstress put together an EP that will stick with R&B lovers for some time. From the sweet sounding “It’s True” to the island infused “Don’t Wait,” Kelly had us hitting repeat this entire weekend.


Kiana Ledé dropped the sexy new single “Title.”

Buzzing young artist Kiana Ledé has developed a good track record of releasing fire tracks and the release of this past weekend’s “Title” falls right in line. Singing out about not needing to label her relationship over the Bizness Boi production, the songs release is a great sound to help us segue into fall.


Inayah Lamis gave us some real “sugar baby” energy with the release of her “Suga Daddy” song. 

Rising Houston songstress Inayah Lamis wants us to know that the sugar baby life ain’t bad at all with her new single “Suga Daddy.” Even if you can’t relate to dating an older man, the sound of the singer’s angelic voice is more than enough to make you hit repeat on this fun new single.

What other tracks did you hear this weekend that we may have missed?

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