Jhene Aiko - Trigger Protection Mantra

New Music: Jhene Aiko – “Trigger Protection Mantra”


With a rise in the popularity of meditation apps like Calm, Americans have found a renewed interest in the practice of meditation to combat mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Jhené Aiko‘s new song “Trigger Protection Mantra” is a perfect pairing for said meditation as she states the song is for “relaxation purposes.”

While listening to the song, it is easy to imagine oneself in a monastery. Jhené herself plays alchemy crystal singing bowls as a backdrop to her smooth, soft voice repeating relaxing mantras such as “calm down” and “I am protected” throughout the track. Like recent hits by artists like Ariana Grande (“Breathing”) and Kiana Lede (“Heavy”) it is great to hear artists speaking openly about mental health. The song is the second release from her upcoming third album that she states will consist of all freestyles.

Check out the song below.

*Jhené recommends listening with headphones*

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