Ajia - Touching The Surface

Listen: London Songstress Ajia Releases Sophomore EP ‘Touching The Surface’


South London’s Ajia, known for her 2018 breakout debut, Visionsdrops the anticipated follow-up  Touching The Surface. Led by the single, “Sentimental Easing,” the new seven-track EP continues telling the compelling story of the BGM-signee.

In this next chapter, Ajia dives deeper into her conflicting emotions and reveals more of her backstory to discovering R&B enthusiasts. Exhibiting natural growth with depths of her signature English-twang melodies and relatable, based on non-fiction love stories, the UK’s top performer continues to impress. With honest songs like “Love Me,” “B.S.,” and of course, “Sentimental Easing,” Ajia establishes a connection with fans at the beginning of the collective that becomes an unbreakable bond by the end.

The project provides answers for everyone navigating through today’s digital dating climate and falls in line with its predecessor. A must-hear, Ajia’s second chance ignites worldwide curiosity; thanks to intriguing subject matter blended with her unique sound that we expect to be praised for months to come. 

“Touching The Surface” is available now via BGM Entertainment

Take a listen below.

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