What You May Have Missed Mondays

What You May Have Missed


Over the recent years, the release of R&B music has steered away from only being released on certain days of the week. Since there’s always something new coming out or some breaking news that hits the web, we know it’s sometime difficult to stay updated all things R&B — even on your days off over the weekend.

Although we’re always here to give you day-by-day updates, we figured giving you a recap of some of the best R&B tracks and moments from weekend’s past (and sometimes a little before) at the top of each week is a great way for you to hear all the good stuff in one place.

So while October may have brought in a bit of a chill, it’s time to make yourself cozy and catch up on what you may have missed. 


Jessie Reyez took a stand on immigration laws with her new visual “Far Away.”

With the first listen of Jessie Reyez’s latest single “Far Away,” we couldn’t help but run it back from the top. Delivering seductive vocals and truthful lyrics, this song will draw you in. The video delivers her strong political stance and shows Reyez being separated from her lover by ICE. She’s asked everyone to be a part of the solution because we’re all human’s living on the same planet. 


Chris Brown finally gave us the extended version to his latest album, Indigo.

Featuring 10 additional hot new tracks, Chris Brown has kept his promise and released the extended version of his ninth studio album, Indigo. Now comprised of 42 tracks, the album follows suit of its predecessor, Heartbreak on a Full Moon, which hosted 57 tracks upon its final release. Releasing the extended version as a “thank you” to his fans for supporting Indigo, but we’re really the ones that should be showing our appreciation to him. With standout tracks such as  “Tell Me How You Feel” featuring Tory Lanez, Chris knows just how to make  us fall in love with him every time something new drops. 


Buzzing R&B artist Yo Trane released a new project titled Waves In The Moonlight.

After a three year hiatus, Yo Trane gave fans a new project and it’s definitely worth a listen. Featuring nine sultry new tracks, the project — which is led by the previously released “Waves,” “Pulling Up” and the album opener “Moonlight” — has been well worth the wait. On the list of tracks offered, one song in particular stood out most. “Shine Like Beyoncé,” which hosts a feature from rapper Lil Baby (the only feature on the the project, actually), is without a doubt an anthem for the ladies.


Audrey wasted no time in giving us the video to her new single “Paper.”

If you found yourself enjoying Audrey’s new single “Paper,” then we’re sure you’ll dig the new visual she has for it. Released at the end of last month, the new single has grown in popularity and its unique video will help its rise. Check it out to see what we mean.


Need a way to keep up with all of the great releases that you could have missed? Follow our “What You May Have Missed: Hitlist” playlist exclusively — updated every Monday — over at Spotify.

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