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New Music: Vedo feat. Inayah Lamis – “Yvette”


Established singer-songwriter Vedo is giving fans a new reason to love him with his latest offering titled “Yvette.” Featuring rising Houston songstress Inayah Lamis, the highly-anticipated song hears the two talented artists go head-to-head with their indisputable vocals. 

Inspired by the John Singleton cult classic film “Baby Boy,” the new song hears the two conveying their sides of a constant break-up to make-up relationship with Vedo taking on the role of the Jodie-esque character and Inayah in the role of Yvette. Referencing scenes from the film in the song’s lyrics, Vedo sings, “I put it down, you know how this goes / Then when we done, she fix them tacos.”The song delivers raw emotion, suspense, and thrilling vocal range which sees his continued potential at becoming a household name. 

When speaking about why he chose  newcomer Inayah Lamis for the collaboration, Vedo stated: “She had to be ghetto but classy, nasty but sexy. I needed a chick that could cuss me out! But when it’s all said and done, let it be known you ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

Take a listen to the track below to see if the two repped Jodie and Yvette well enough.

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  1. LitKidBeats 5 years ago

    Super Chill Song! Love the Beat! Wavy Piano, Dope Work on the Video too.
    Love it!

    Thank you thisisrnb for posting :)

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