Jvanz - Delusional

Canadian Artist Jvanz Drops Heavy Hitting Emotional Tune “Delusional”


Make some room on that emotional playlist for the latest offering from Canadian crooner Jvanz. He’s building a buzz with his new track “Delusional.”

The two minute single showcases the young artist’s strong vocals and big energy. Packed with heavy base, emotional high notes and falsettos, “Delusional” delivers lyrics that are relatable for those in similar situations. He sings about the difficulty of dating someone who draws you in with their charm and beauty, only to become manipulative.

He unpacks those emotions singing: So baby when you’re high, do you think about me / when you telling lies, do you think about me / when you’re vibing in his ride, do you think about me / when you look into his eyes, I know you think about me / I know that you’re so beautiful, but baby you’re delusional.

“Delusional” is a follow up single, separate from his first EP, “Parallel,” which he released in August 2019. That project, led by the incredibly catchy tune “Can’t Lie,” garnered more than 400,000 plays on streaming platforms.

Give “Delusional” a listen by checking it out below:

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