New Music: Ro James – “Touchy Feely“


Ro James just might be the new king of bedroom bangers. The R&B crooner is feeling real freaky on his new single “Touchy Feely.” Detailing a consensual three way, the song is definitely NSFW, but a great follow up to his single “Last Time.” Few can paint a picture as vividly as Ro James can in his songs. With lyrics like “Smokin’, passin’, jokin’, laughin’/You rubbin’ my head/I’m touchin’ your leg/Now we all get so touchy feely,” Ro James leaves little to the imagination.

Vocally, Ro James is in a sweet spot. By taking a more restrained approach, he allows the lyrics to take front and center. The slick, arpeggiated baseline infused with the trap undertone of the track, produced by MP808, provides the perfect backdrop for the singer’s risqué lyrics. Hopefully, the song receives a big promotional push because it deserves to be a hit.

Check out the bedroom banger below:

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