Dondria Pours Her Heart Out In New Song, “Haunted”


The music business has been a rollercoaster ride for the well-known singer/songwriter Dondria, best remembered as the talented Jermaine Dupri protege. Today, her musical journey begins a new chapter with the release of her upcoming project’s first single, titled “Haunted.” In this eerie love story, the Oklahoma-native builds anticipation with a popular contemporary concept and breath-taking performance.

A tale of heartbreak and repercussions. “Haunted” is packed with beautifully layered harmonies, a chilling hook, and emotive delivery. Dondria drew inspiration from the emotional and financial abuse she faced over the past few years. There’s no need for revenge because the universe will run its course. Those who hurt you will be “haunted” by their actions. Co-written by Josh Bias.

The new song is the first offering off of Dondria’s upcoming EP, titled, Perspectives. Executive produced by Josh Bias, the project’s concept is about seeing everything from different perspectives as each song will deliver multiple point-of-views to the story. Scheduled for Summer 2020, the EP will be a fusion of infectious production supported by a perfect emotionally-charged vocal ability by the established songbird.

“Haunted” is streaming now on all DSP via Stay Warm. Check it out below:

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