Josh + Angelica - Quarantine Boo

Premiere: Josh & Angelica Bias – “Quarantine Boo”


If this song weren’t about sheltering at home during the current pandemic, you could mistake it for an incredible 90s RnB track. Husband-wife duo Josh and Angelica Bias put it down on their relatable new single “Quarantine Boo.”

The current global crisis with Covid-19 has forced everyone in America to practice social distancing and isolating at home. The talented couple co-wrote, produced, and mixed “Quarantine Boo” to sing about how many have seized the moment to be on lock down with their significant other. And many who didn’t have a boo to start with may have met one through a dating or social media app.

Although not ideal, social isolation has allowed couples to bond and spark intimacy. Josh passionately sings: “Girl we can Netflix and chill/ See a shot take a shot / Baby, if that’s how you feel/ Cause I ain’t not no meetings except the one I made with you/ In the bedroom/ On the studio stairs too.”

Angelica shows off her rich, sweet vocals singing: “Don’t be scared/ Got your essentials all prepared/ I heard that it’s gonna be like this for a while/ Hold up, hold, boy you gon’ give me a child/ Cause there ain’t nothing going on like it used to/ But being locked up with you, boy I could get used to/ It’ s true, I’m just trying to see you.”

While this song addresses current conditions, the sultry, soulful delivery makes it a track that could be a timeless play when feeling in a romantic mood.

Check out “Quarantine Boo” below:

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