New Video: Journee – “Options”


Most people will have a fit finding out their significant other is cheating. But Bay Area bred songstress Journee shrugs it off in her new song “Options” because she’s got…well…options. The 21-year-old singer, songwriter, and model handles her unfaithful bae with grace.

The accompanying music video could start off messy as she catches her man in the act of his indiscretions and in a lie on the phone. Instead of going off, she keeps her cool and blesses us with her smooth vocals singing “you know I got options babe.”

But she does express her disappointment with “I’m feeling a way, I just might lose my mind / I’m starting to feel like you’re a waste of time / I’m chasing a feelin’ that I can’t define.”

Journee, originally from San Jose, CA, is currently a student at UC Riverside and working her way through the LA music scene. For her latest single, she says: “Everyone assumes I mean I have options between men. However, the video concept was based on the idea of having the option of what I want to do with the guy after I found out he was cheating.”

The video for “Options” ends with…you’ll have to see for yourself:

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