New Video: Becky and the Birds – “Wondering”


Becky and the Birds is back with her new video for her enchanting new single “Wondering.” For those not in the know, Becky and The Birds is Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Thea Gustafsson. “Wondering” is the second release from her new EP Trasslig which is set for release on July 24th. The set’s first single “Do U Miss Me” was released in February to rave reviews. “Wondering” is sure to heighten anticipation for its parent project as it is a sure fire hit.

“Wondering” is a moody, atmospheric piece that highlights her unique and captivating voice. Lyrically, the song speaks to the struggle of moving on after the loss of a loved one. “We’ve always known/known that you belong to heaven/But still I lost you/we lost you way too soon,” she sings over the throwback beat. Sonically, the driving beat of the soulful track is a great juxtaposition to her sweet, angelic voice and somber lyrics. Her layered vocals in the pre-hook stack like a stairway to heaven.

When discussing the song’s creation Becky and The Birds says, ““I wrote this song after I lost my grandmother, which was the first time that I experienced the death of a loved one. I didn’t know how to deal with the complete emptiness and confusion that I felt. That’s when I wrote this song, I just felt like I had to find different ways of coping, and thinking about the good times and the beautiful memories instead of what could’ve been.” At this point, July 24th can’t get here soon enough.

Watch “Wondering” below:

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