BriJolie Releases New EP “From Me To Me”


The melodious superstar recently dropped her debut EP “From Me To Me”, BriJolie brings powerhouse vocals to the table as she tells her story to a groove worthy beats and tempo. Sharing stages as a choir member of Ye’s Sunday Service Choir and recording albums with Kanye West, Bri has made a name for herself in the music industry. She has also featured in two of Kanye West’s songs on his gospel album.

“From Me To Me is a musical depiction of me showing up as my full self,” says BriJolie. “A place where I’m unbossed, unbothered and unapologetically BriJolie. It will always be important for me to make this music that’s true to who I am! This project gives a little bit of everything which will be a part of my brand now and forever. I refuse to be thrown in a lane.” BriJolie has made a name for herself in the music entertainment industry and she’s just getting started. BriJolie is breaking the mold on a new sound and relatable lyrics that listeners long for.
Give it a listen below.

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