New Music: Aaria- “Thug Love”


Rising “POPnB” starlet Aaria, is making a huge splash with her release of her debut single, “Thug Love.” Hailing from Detroit, the singer/songwriter was heavily influenced by the city’s gospel and Motown roots. When it comes to music, Aaria is the real deal. She spent years studying her craft. The versatile vocalist recently completed her BFA degree in Musical Theatre. She learned classical, musical theatre and jazz music. She uses all the genres she studied to create a sound that is uniquely her own.

Sonically, the hypnotic single features a catchy, Latin-flared guitar rift to accompany her candy-sweet voice. Lyrically, Aaria is letting her lover know she doesn’t “typically do this”, so he better be sure he is a “real one.” The short but sweet single is definitely one to add to your summer playlist.

When discussing the new record, Aaria said “Thug Love is a really special record to me. Not only because it’s my first release, but it’s real. I wanted to sing about something real to me, something I actually connected with and knew others would too. I’m very selective with men and not easily impressed. I don’t care how big your bag is, or what you say you can do for me; You gotta come with more than that. I’m looking for that Trustworthy, Humorous, Understanding, Genuine man. That THUG love.“

Check out “Thug Love” below:

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