ThisIsRnB’s Unfolded Exclusive Interview: Ryelle’s “Cinderella” Reimagined


Unfolded recently sat down with Buffalo New York’s own singer-songwriter Ryelle to discuss her latest single, her spin on the classic fabled tale, “Cinderella,” working in the industry and her affinity towards r&b music.

Ryelle wrote, starred in and produced the single, but due to the current globe crisis, delayed the release of her dual contrasting EP ‘Solo.’ She decided the time was finally right where she could lend her voice to the Black Lives Matter Movement.  “I wanted to be involved in supporting the black artists movement; I didn’t want to exclude myself because my whole team was mostly black women with the exception of the male director. I didn’t want to leave us out because it is art, and we do need a break from what’s going on in the world, so if I was able to put my art out and show, look at what black ladies are doing, I felt good about that.”

We researched the name Ryelle and found out it means amazing.  This is so apropos and fitting for such an awesome talent. 

Check out the interview below. ‘Solo’ is streaming on all music platforms.



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