Arriving on the scene in 2018 with her debut, ‘Concinnity’, Canadian songbird ‘REVÉ’ quickly caught fans attention with her wide vocal range and distinctive sounds.  With recent hits like ‘4AM’ and ‘Gotta Know’, fans were instantly attracted to her sentimental lyrics inspired by real-life experiences.  REVÉ continues 2020 to drop ear worthy R&B  with her series of singles like the latest release, ‘Cold Hearted.’

On ‘Cold Hearted’, REVÉ is stunning as she chiseled the pain away. A true artist, it is her honesty that is magnetic between her and fans. The emotions in her vocals spread like wildfire throughout social media via word of mouth. 

‘Cold Hearted’ is the follow-up to a slew of 2020 releases by the rising star, including, “Wasted Times,” “Be Like That” and the defining song “Tik Tok.” Her music creates a juxtaposition in her lyricism on themes of disconnectedness and alienation while supporting the raw, volcanic emotions she sings about. Her unique musical style and art speaks volumes, allowing her to celebrate her individuality. 

The collection of hit songs draw attention to REVÉ’s forthcoming album, titled, Die One Day. Set to feature previously released songs, the album will display her best work yet. Taking us beyond the limelight and showcasing the woman at her most vulnerable as she ascends to stardom. 

Listen to Reve’ Cold Hearted here. 


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