ThisIsRnB’s Unfolded team sat down for an exclusive interview with the extraordinary, multi-talented singer-songwriter, audio engineer and vocal producer Blakk Soul. He shared his musical career journey thus far, work in the industry, and the valuable lessons he gained while working with industry heavy hitters specifically, the illustrious Dr Dre.

Tacoma’s own Soul was crowned “King Of The Slow Jam”  and as he put it, “a jack of all trades” and credits his mother for instilling in him “if you really put all your focus in it, you can achieve it. I took that to heart.” This mentality has taken Soul a very long way. He has been credited for his songwriting, background vocals, and co-production for many notables in the industry and earned a platinum plaque for his contributions to Kelly K via Jake One.

Soul discusses his original career choice of becoming a lawyer and what caused him to veer from law to concentrate solely on music.

One of Soul’s mantras, “I try and put a little paint where it ain’t whenever i’m in the studio” is certainly evidenced in this current LP ‘Take Your Time’ which is a well rounded compilation of songs that everyone can enjoy. Not only is Soul an amazing artist, he is a real contender at our game “Name That Song and Artist” where he scored 4/5-not bad at all.

Watch the Unfolded interview here and listen to Soul belt out an  acapella  version of his hit single ‘Dangerous.’ It’s just amazing!

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