New Music: MAJOR. Releases New Single ‘Doves Cry”


Mr. “Why I Love You Is Back.”  R&B artist MAJOR. releases powerful new single  “Doves Cry.”  The single features Major’s signature falsetto coupled with melodic expressions as the crooner delivers a heartfelt and impassioned stirring conversation through song.

‘Doves Cry’ lyrics are sure to give one pause, reflection on how relevant and timely they are to what’s happening in the world today. “I’ve seen doves cry/ I’ve seen doves cry/I’ve seen doves cry/Peace had a broken heart/ It was tragic/Could you imagine/ That a bird could fall?/ And hope had nowhere to start/Nothing to believe in/ No happiness to breathe in/ Thinking it’s too far to claim../  So tell me, what’s going on? / War has stricken every nation/  It’s time we find good relation/ Until no more doves cry…)

‘Doves Cry’ is produced by Harmony “HMoney” Samuels (BOE Music Group/Empire).

Check out ‘Doves Cry ‘ Audio Below. Available on all digital streaming platforms.

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