In our “Get to Know” series, we put the spotlight on r&b singer/songwriter and producer Christiana Danielle over the summer with the release of her summer smash hit, “Grow Up.”  As we check back in with Danielle, this week she released her much anticipated EP “Growth,” which is an eclectic work of art that takes the listener on a journey of emotional growth through the context of a relationship.

This r&b/soul album is unique in that each song encapsulates a nod to the different subgroups of the genre. Danielle emphasizes that the cohesiveness of the EP does not lie within the sound of the project, but within the message of the project as a whole. Danielle said that she chose to “honor each song” by allowing the songs  to take their own form.

Her influences for the project included Toni Braxton, Beyoncé, Jamila Woods, and Brittany Howard. Danielle’s hope is for the listener to feel empowered and enjoy the project as they hear her journey from heartache and uncertainty of self to discovering self-worth and not accepting anything less. Now THAT’S GROWTH.

Listen to “GROWTH” HERE.   Available on all digital streaming platforms now.

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