Exclusive Interview: THISISRNB -X- MAJOR.


MAJOR., the Grammy Nominated soul musician, singer-songwriter, actor, vocal producer, and stage performance coach sat down for an exclusive and exhilarating chat with ThisIsRnB’s host Qyiana.

He gives us meaning behind his birth name and admits he never liked his name growing up. MAJOR. shares “that he is the first in his family to attend college and, how he is living up to the expectations that his mother had for his life.”

His chart-topping smash hit “This Is Why I love You” “has opened so may doors for me…I’m full right now just thinking about it…In the midst of Covid-19 how something that was written over four years ago is sustaining me even now is just incredible…” Major performed the hit for his recent wedding, and had this to share about the moment “seeing how love, you know stills pressed its way, and my song was the the song that soundtracked that moment was just an honor.” MAJOR. belted out “This Is Why I love You” live on the spot for us and can we say -AMAZING!!! He then spoke about his beautiful wife, “how he was in all that he wrote the song, meeting her and, that she met every lyric that I sang. I wrote it for the hope of love in mind.”

As we were basking in the joy of his voice, MAJOR. began preaching to us about love, and mid sentence,  stopped and exuberantly sang out  his recent mega hit ‘Doves Cry’ it was just incredible! “That song is written to give us the fullness of what hope and holding on to it is all about.”

MAJOR. offers some great advice for anyone starting out in the business, and to those on the verge of giving up – “Don’t quit. Don’t loose heart with people not getting it right away. Excellence to that commitment,  to that excellence and staying ready to make the difference. Own your distinction, your distinction  is your super power.  These are the MAJOR. Keys.”

You must watch the full exclusive interview to see our “Write The Hook” game with MAJOR. as he stakes his claim “If its good, I’m keeping the hook.” Sorry all rights reserved. lol

What an exciting, inspirational and informative talent MAJOR. is. ThisIsRnB was elated to have had the opportunity to interview and get to know such an amazing individual.

Make sure you tune into to watch the 5th annual 2020 Black Music Honors that acknowledges the legendary African American artists who have influenced and made significant musical contributions to African American culture and American music worldwide.  Set to air  Saturday November 21st @12pm/EST on Bounce TV you can catch MAJOR. perform there.

Watch our full Exclusive Interview HERE. “This Is Why I love You” and “Doves Cry” available on all digital streaming platforms.

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