New Music: Mcamp- “Sexy In The Morning”


R&B newcomer Mcamp is bringing the heat with his unique brand of soul on his new single “Sexy In The Morning.” The multi-talented 21 year old produced, mixed and mastered the track all by himself. In today’s industry, that level of creative control over the entire process is a rarity and quite impressive. Mcamp seamlessly blends multiple genres while maintaining an R&B core that incorporates elements of great artists like D’Angelo and Justin Timberlake. His ability to write lyrics that are intimately detailed yet instantly relatable speaks to the level of his talent and the “old soul” that he possesses.  

On “Sexy In The Morning,” Mcamp perfectly describes the feeling of waking up next to the one you love. His voice effortlessly glides between registers as he flexes his vocal prowess on the record. The lush layered background vocals create the perfect backdrop for his smooth, sensual lead vocals. Mcamp has all the makings of a superstar, and if “Sexy In The Morning” is a sign of what’s to come, he will surely be around for a while.


Listen to “Sexy In The Morning” below:

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