Premiere: Soul Singer Lilan Kane Set To Release Latest Single “TKMO”


Lilan Kane (pronounced LEE – lawn) is a soul and jazz vocalist based in Oakland, CA. is set to release her latest single, “(Time Keeps Moving On) TKMO. “  Kane is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, where she studied with Grammy award winning vocal arranger Donna McElroy and drummer/arranger Kenwood Dennard.

“TKMO”  was recorded last year as Kane’s way of coping with challenges of quarantine at the height of the pandemic. It’s also meant to pay homage to one of her favorite artists Roy Ayers.

“TKMO” is  a soulful track that is reminiscent of 1960’s R&B soul with her sultry vocals and undeniable Roy Ayres sound.  The current wave of  R&B artists digging through the crates drawing inspiration from the originators of the  classic R&B sound. We are really enjoying  the new era and what they are bringing to the R&B genre as a whole.

“TKMO” is Kane’s first ever self-produced song, and will be her first solo release since 2016.

Take a listen to “TKMO” HERE.  Available on all Digital Streaming Platforms  tomorrow 3/12/21.


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