THE REACH:Club House Dream Girls Production featuring America Got Talent Finalist Cristina Rae


“Americas Got Talent” may have just seen one of the best singers we’ve ever had…”-Simon Cowell

Tennessee native Cristina Rae wowed the judges with Gimme Shelter on America’s Got Talent season 15. Rae delivered a jaw-dropping performance and received a standing ovation, guaranteed placement and high praises from all of the judges.

Rae continues to amaze audiences with her powerhouse soulful vocals and recently participated in Club House production of DreamGirls. Rae joined to voice the iconic role of Effie White. The production garnered garnered mega support from the original cast members, producers and media.

Rae sat down with our host of  “ThisIsRnB’ s The Reach” La’Nette Wallace and discussed being homeless at one point in her life, learning numerous songs in a half day to participate on America’s Got Talent, behind the scene secrets of  the competition during a pandemic, people trying to put limits on her ability, the passing of her beloved grandfather, and her young son being the motivation and inspiration through it all and so much more.

This mother to one child is committed to being a role model to young women, encouraging them to follow their dreams and goals no matter the obstacles. Rae says “the world needs to hear and see what I have planned for the future.” ThisIsRnB’s The Reach hopes after hearing Rae’s story, one will be empowered to keep making Women’s History everyday.

Watch the full exclusive interview with Cristina Rae BELOW.


  1. roadsinger 3 years ago

    @cristinaraesing “Solid Soul Sister check her out you’ll be inspired !”

  2. Chris 3 years ago

    I am a huge fan of Ms Cristina Rae. I watched her on AGT and was sad when she did not win it all, but like she says in this interview, God has the plan for her and I know she is going to go far. I pull her up in Google to see what she is doing and I must say that I was overjoyed to see that she is still moving forward in her career. YOU GO CRISTINA !!! DREAM GIRLS!!! WOW!!! Many are watching and praying for your continued success!!!!!

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