Indie Premeire: DEVN “FOREVA”

“Foreva” is smooth groove written by RnB newcomer Devn and his latest single from his forthcoming debut project due out this summer.
In a world of trends, carefully crafted images, and an ever evolving soundscape of music genres, DEVN transcends modern music with his unique blend of contemporary R&B, Pop Rap, and Trap Soul.
The single Foreva takes the listener on a smooth laid back ride that is soft on lyrics over a musical odyssey of feel good vibes. This song will have you daydreaming and penning the lines to your love writing  “Stuck in time/I want this Foreva/ I can’t lie/ I’ll Be such a fool/ If I loose you girl…”

DEVN is singer/songwriter heavily influenced by auto-tune forefathers like T-Pain, newer R&B luminaries like dvsn and Pop icons like The Weeknd. But while DEVN’s sound pushes the envelope for contemporary R&B and Trap Soul, his rawness and authenticity is largely inspired by ’60s and ‘70s soul music.

Hailing from Charlotte, NC, DEVN like many musicians of his era, developed an affinity for music from home and  being heavily rooted in the church.  He came up under the mentorship of Hall of Fame Gospel singer and pastor John P Kee , and this is probably one of the most impactful for his career as a music artist.
Take a listen to our exclusive premiere of  “Foreva” Here and will be available for streaming and download on all platforms June 23.

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