R&B vocalist-songwriter Paloma Ford, teams up with the biggest boss Rick Ross, for the release of her new single and visual for “All For Nothing.” Oftentimes one might experience a relationship that was a complete waste of time and you got nothing from it. On another note, relationships are our greatest teachers and you can learn and grow after you move on. This is what Ford vocally and visually explores on “All For Nothing.”

Over soft piano and intricate drums, Ford gives us spiritual gangsta vibes. Her elegant voice matched with the grittiness of rozay rhymes, creates the perfect audio atmosphere to put you in the right mood on a chill summer day. Visually, Ford capitalizes on the Ross feature while showcasing that she is a true boss and force to be reckoned with herself.

“I wanted the concept to be as strong as the lyrics and the message in the song,” said Ford. “The opening scenes I used candles and the tarot death card not only to symbolize a loss but also transformation to mirror the emotions felt on the record.  This is followed by a river scene symbolic of “rebirth “— a new beginning. I wanted it to reflect my journey through love and loss and the power behind these moments.”

Check out “All For Nothing” below. The song is available for streaming and download on all platforms now.

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