Watch: Timothy Bloom Releases New Video “Loosing My Mind”


Timothy Bloom, two-time GRAMMY award winning producer and songwriter recently premiered the music video for his latest single, “Loosing My Mind.”

As Bloom flourishes in his music, he creates a whole world of healing and therapy with his journey of experiencing the world and making music.

After graduating high school, he set off to Germany to pursue being in a boy band; “I just didn’t care about anything but music at that point in time.” Once Bloom’s experience ran its course, Bloom moved back to the U.S., where he landed in rooms with mentors and soon to be collaborators. He quickly expanded his work and eventually signed to Interscope Records. Bloom kept up his creative risk-taking independence with his full-length debut in 2014, his first Billboard charting. With his series of collaborations and international experiences, his newest album is the welcoming of something so powerful.

“We’re all going through some really interesting personal challenges, and just like you might hire somebody to come in and clean your house, this record is meant to come in and cleanse the hearts and minds. People who are happy, sad, struggling — wherever you are. There’s a oneness in this music”

Written by Timothy Bloom, “Loosing My Mind” was inspired during the awakening of Covid-19. “Last year 2020 I was with someone for 4 years and it was the worst break up around that time, alone and confused, I had an accident, she didn’t come to console me, then weeks later another dude was in her bedroom… soo… I had the opportunity to pour my heart out …”

The “Loosing My Mind” official music video was directed by Dove Shore. “It was just me and Shore. It’s amazing what two minds can come up with, with little resources. Break Ups Make Beautiful Music,” expressed Bloom.

Check out “Loosing My Mind”  below and let us know what you think.  Available on all digital streaming platforms.

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