Premiere: Rising Artist MARIAH. Music Video ‘Material Girl’


The tenderness of the acoustic guitar strums beautifully as Mariah.’s angelic vocals sings of finding her strength and confidence in herself, and not settling for the average material offerings in a relationship.

Mariah. says “I refused to let my voice be muffled by gifts or material things. Flowers, bags, and clothes can’t fill cracks and holes created by words and actions. Once I realized this, I found my strength. I found myself again,” she adds.

Mariah. (with a period) is in her feeling  and let’s them be known that she needs something deeper. She  expects more tangible things like the comfort and security  of knowing someone’s got her back.  The Louisiana native puts forth a soft ballad with a major push to the soul and heart.

“…As the story goes/ lessons are meant to be told…It was never you that I needed/ but the strength I didn’t see within me/ When feelings ain’t right I push them aside/ but i didn’t want to sleep alone at night/ What a cheap price tag…/no really what a cheap price tag/ …one night stay/ let’s get away…/diamonds tempt me bling bling…/ make me tall /but who will catch me when i fall…/material girls love a material world/ I don’t want these things/ are you listening/ loyalty and time…/loyalty. time. patience. teamwork…/if its not right i’ll know in time/ if feelings ain’t right /I won’t push them aside/ i’m not satisfied/ i’m not satisfied…/ you can’t buy love/ you can’t buy love/ are you listening…”

The simplicity yet elegant abstract angel wings, to the scenic sunrise in the background  in the video really lets one focus on the lyrics in the song. There’s a major lesson to be learned in the song, all one needs do is take heed to her message.

‘Material Girl’ is rising quickly and is currently the #27 R&B song in country according to this weeks mediabase report. The music video for “Material Girl”  just made its debut on BET SOUL and has been added to regular rotation at MTV Spankin’ New.

MARIAH. recently partnered with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in support of their “Love Music Stop Cancer” Campaign to help raise awareness and funds to save lives via the initiative #MusicGives. #LoveMusicStopCancer.

Mariah.(with a period) is one artist to put at the top of your radar and add ‘Material Girl” to you playlist on rotation.

Check out “Material Girl” here.

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