K. Michelle Drops New Single “Scooch”


After a two year hiatus from music, R&B songstress , Memphis Tennessee native K. Michelle is back on the music scene with a new single titled “Scooch.”

“Scooch,” finds K. Michelle pinning and being sexually attracted to someone that is not her lover. “Scooch” speaks to the adage that “life lives within chances and sometimes your just want to go with the flow of the moment.”  It’s a lot to be said for the excitement and thrill once ones senses are aroused. One may find themselves taking a leap and throwing caution to the wind and ,well begin to, “Scooch.”

K.Michelle makes it plain what her intentions are from the very beginning of the song as she sings “Soon as you walked in the room…/looking smooth…/oh I can see myself all over you…/you got me questioning my own dude /it might be time for something brand new/i don’t want to look like no fool,../ but I can’t keep my cool/…/but i gotta take this chance…/but tonight i’m coming over…/scoot on over…”

“Scooch” is the first single from K. Michelle’s forthcoming and final R&B EP ‘The Problem’, expected in spring this year, along with her country album’s first single releasing in June. 

K.Michelle performed her new single “Scooch” live today (February 11) on the talkshow ‘The Real. While she hadn’t released music the past few years, K.Michelle has kept busy with T.V. projects; ‘My Killer Body and ‘Single Black Female.”

Take a listen to “Scooch” below and let us know your thoughts.

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