Leadership In Business : Autumn Adeigbo, Sarah Davis, Jamie Joffe and Kristen Schott


This past week, ThisIsRnB had the pleasure of attending Neiman Marcus and Philadelphia Magazine’s evening event to Celebrate Women: Our History. Our Community. Our Leadership in Business. The moderator was Philadelphia Wedding Editor, Kristen Schott, the guest panel featured ultra-luxury re-commerce brand ‘FASHIONPHILE’ founder, Sarah Davis, international and national high end fashion house ‘Autumn Adeigbo’s ‘ founder, Autumn Adeigbo, the creator of “Binge or Cringe”  and the founder of the event company ”Anything Can Be Done,’ Jamie Joffe (not pictured).  The evening was filled with powerhouse women and a few men in their respective fields. The event was presented in true Neiman Marcus fashion, absolute class!

The event began with champagne, the famous Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookie, light yet delicious individual charcuterie boards wrapped in thin bamboo cones, topped with custom initialed “NM” French macaroons. Each of the panelists shared their humbling stories of the challenges and adversities they faced while forging their own path in the business world. Adeigbo shared some very affirming sound advice,“It just takes one yes…The first big person to say yes was Elaine Welteroth, who was the first black editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue. Don’t ever look at your current situation as, like, like you can’t do it. Work hard, be prepared, so when the opportunity is right in front of you, you have what you need to present to that person to say yes. Your network is your net worth, and as much as you can, surround yourself with people you want to be like, because that’s who you will be in the next five to ten years.”

The ladies offered advice when asked about the power of networking, Davis shared, “being visible. I was the oldest of six kids. There wasn’t much money going around so I kind of had to build my own mentors, and that’s how I networked. Just reaching out to people with the worst thing that could happen is someone will say no… I reached out to Alli Webb, who’s the founder of Drybar, and she was someone I admired. I admired her story, she’s built a brand that was phenomenal, and even if it’s just one conversation, I learned a lot from that, you know. And building that network over time by just reaching out.” 

Joffe added, “I think probably every success I have had, has been due to networking. For example, when I started doing PR on my own, I had a client that was in the consumer electronic company and he was having an event with Earth Wind and Fire, and I had to figure out how to get them to Montgomeryville, and as you can imagine this was no small feed. We figured it out, and it just so happened this gentleman, Noel Lee, who went on to work with Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine and they started Beats By Dre. And they were like ‘who was this girl,’ and I was like, I’m just some girl from Lafayette Hill, and they sent me to fashion week, and from there, things just grew… I just pivoted, and I have to pivoted again, because this passion project (Binge or Cringe) is something I didn’t even understand, but through that, just the people I’ve met over the years I’ve given phone calls to. So I started a podcast and someone reached out to me, and it just so happened Heather Dubrow was my sorority sister in Syracuse. So I wrote her note and I said, ‘I don’t know if you remember me. I played the television in 1990, a sorority recruitment skit.’ She said, ‘I totally remember you!’ From there she was like I will be on your show. So everybody I’ve ever met over my life I’ve kept in touch with.”

We were so moved and inspired by these powerful women and their companies. The challenges they endured and yet persevered by never giving up, and for some over ten years in the making, is truly remarkable and commendable. What better way to show our support for women during Women’s History Month with a purchase of the beautiful and flattering pieces “Edna Bralette” top  and “Rena Twisted Leather Skirt” by Autumn Adeigbo. We at ThisIsRnB believe it’s important to continue to grow your network no matter what level you are in your career, and it’s truly important to support the people around you. Sometimes it just takes a change of one’s mindset, that can change your whole trajectory, and set you on the path to following your dreams.

Women supporting women yesterday, today, tomorrow, and always, regardless of the level, business or industry.

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