Malachiii Releases New Single & Lyric Video for “I’m Back”


Southern California, singer-songwriter and producer Malachiii is back with his new single and lyric video for  “I’m Back.”

“I’m Back” hits with a new flavor, like vintage wine, his music just gets better with time. Malachiii is showcasing vibes delivering progressive messages with his flow and phrasing, creating compelling living art of self-confidence. 

Keeping to his infectious take on RnB he sings “I’m back  Doing my thang/ I’m Back doing my thang/ I’m Back stay in your lane and don’t get in my way/ everybody used to tell me that/ I can’t do this can’t do that/ but it’s different now/Well it’s different now/ I got my mind right /my life is so good and so free/ My soul is so free so wild I’m so me … “ affirming his life is in his own control.

Malachii is the master of his songwriting and producing skills, leading and holding his future to make the bag for his family no matter what anyone says. He’s not taking anyone else’s opinion into consideration, after all, he’s doing his own thang!

 Destined for a great future in the music industry, Motown Records own Malachii is one artist to keep on your radar. 

Go add “Im Back” to your favorite playlist and check out the lyric video below.

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