Bee-B and Raheem DeVaughn Come Together On New Single “Can We?”


“Can We?” is the new single from Grammy-nominated singers and songwriters, Bee-B (Brittany B) and Raheem DeVaughn as they team up on this lovesick track.

This is a tune strictly for those that are really ready to fall in love after examining and eliminating doubts about finding the right one. It’s a love story unfolding that is set to beautiful music.

As Bee-B and DeVaughn’s soft and sweet vocals meld perfectly as they render the pre-chorus “All this time I (Ooh-ooh)/Been waiting for you, baby (I been waiting for you, baby)/When it feels right/We (We don’t) don’t have to (Have to) say (Say it) it…/

Followed by the chorus giving the definitive response, and the proverbial question “Let’s fall in love already (Love, love, love)/ Ain’t you in love already? (Love, love, love)/Can we make love already? (Love, love, love), yеah/ Let’s fall in love already (Lovе, love, love)/ If that’s what you want, I’m ready (Ooh-ooh)…

The duet sings so effortlessly allowing the words and medley to flow gracefully throughout the song.

Regarding the single, Bee-B said: “That she wanted to bring back love songs and love stories in music…This is an ode to real love. This is an ode to believing in love again. I want to be in love right now. Having Raheem one of the greatest R&B artists out of the DMV on this record is an honor. We created a love story through this single.”

For his part, DeVaughn says ‘”I think as an artist there’s magic that we look to create when we do collaborations and duets like this. Bee-B and I found that space with this bedroom banger. We got one!”  

“Can We”? is a whole mood that penetrates the pining heart with pure emotion, delivering a beautiful love story through song and verse.

Bee-B and DeVaughn have hit the love pulse with “Can We”? and we are loving every single note they sing!

Do yourself a favor and add “Can We?” to your playlist and put it on repeat.

Take a listen to “Can We?” below and let us know how it touches your heart.

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