Rising Star Kendy X Drops EP and Unveils Official Video for Single “Options”


Rising artist Kendy X is touching the top with her highly anticipated debut EP titled “Misplaced” which hit the airwaves on 4/29.  And today (5/19) the singer-songwriter unveils a new music video for her single “Options” the second song from the album.

The alluring Chi-town native and Long Beach resident is an artist who exudes confidence and ambition with her distinct and captivating vocal delivery on the album, bringing forth a relatable and amazing body of work.

Her six-track EP is the result of her growth as an artist nurtured by self-development and her impressive talent along with in-studio collaborations with elite Grammy-Winning producers Ayo n Keyz (Beyonce, Cardi B, Chris Brown) and Grammy Nominated Producer AVB (Queen Naija, Eric Bellinger, Rotimi).

Kendy X shares  Misplaced; “Misplaced can mean a lot of different things, depending on who you are,” Kendy X shares. “Personally, I misplaced who I thought was. I would belittle myself and not step into my power. I was lost. At the end, I found myself.” “This project is about finding yourself and becoming the woman you are meant to be and not changing for anybody.”

With every track on the EP delving into realistic relationship situations from the opening track “Let Me Be” “Misplaced”  is a vibe from beginning to end.  ” Let Me Be” finds her trying to figure out just how to please and tailor herself to meet the other person’s needs, and track two “Options” is a journey of sonic poetry that finds Kendy dealing with and moving past the disappointments in the relationship while also grappling with the idea of moving on as reflected in the video. Track three ” Catch This L.” is exactly just as it implies as she delivers a stark warning set to the perfect slight dance beat “…You gonna f*^k around and catch this L…you should have gave me your love when it mattered. I gave you chance after chance and you messed up again…” Track four “Pull Me Back” is on repeat for us. It is filled with indecision as to whether to stay or go as she sings in soft sexy falsetto…“I love it, I love, I love it when you do me like that, I love it when you pull me back…” Track five “Celebrate” is all about reuniting and celebrating body and soul getting it on as she sings. Track six “For Me” is on heavy rotation with the vibey bounce and infectious beat.

Track two “Options” also features an accompanying video that is visually stunning with a home set atop the rolling hills meticulously furnished, giving way to let us know whose holding the bag. It’s clear Kendy X holds all the cards and is more than enough woman for anyone.  Her facial expressions reveal her anxiety about the relationship knowing full well she doesn’t have to put up with the nonsense. In the end, she does the right thing.

Kendy X shares, “Options is one of the records I relate to right now from the project. As women, we have as many options as men do, and often that idea is forgotten because of our natural senses to stay loyal to a relationship that may not be the best for us. I feel like so many young women can relate to this track and feel empowered as they navigate a journey of love or a loss of love.

Kendy X is a rising artist that you need to keep on your radar.

Check out KendyX’s “Misplaced” EP here and watch “Options” below.

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