Chloe Drops New Single “Surprise” along with Accompanying Video


Surprise! Chloe releases a new single “Surprise” after Beyonce’s and fans’ input along with an accompanying super sultry video.

The track is co-produced by executive record producer and songwriter Scott Storch and grammy nominated IllaDaProducer and is the third single from Chloe’s highly anticipated self-titled debut EP.

On the single Chloe’s signature sound is on point as she masterfully and smoothly delivers with layering vocals “if you be good to me then I’ma be great to you/If you stay down for me then I’ll stay awake for you/Surprise, slip my panties to the side/Give me your money, baby, I’ll make it rain for you/Feel like you cheatin’ the positions I play for you/Surprise (—prise), tonight you get my freaky side (Side)…” The song has a real feel-good vibe that gets you swaying from side to side and ready to get it on.

Chloe gives fans a real treat with all her sexiness in the video as she exhibits come-get-it sensual moves throughout, wearing provocative lingerie pieces and a fancy Balenciaga Boy-short ensemble bringing the hotness.  Her love interest in the video is played by a sexy chocolate-bodied actor and model Broderick Hunter showing off his sculptured physique.

“She’s just…like…she’s got it all…she’s doing it!!! She the whole package, the weapon, all of it!! She cooks it, serves it, then eats it with no crumbs left over nun what- so- ever. A new icon and a legend is being born ✨️ a new Queen has entered,”  writes one YouTube fan.

The energy, chemistry, and artistry on the song and the video prove Chloe ain’t playing, she came to slay.

Take a listen to “Surprise” here and watch the video below.


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