August08 Releases New Single “Water Sign” Featuring Jhene Aiko ➕ Drops New EP “Towards The Moon”


Singer-songwriter AugsutO8 releases the single “Water Sign” featuring Jhene Aiko  from his new EP titled “Towards The Moon” which dropped today, 7//8/22.

The LA artists have teamed up to create a beautiful musical work of art in “Water Sign” with their vocals melding perfectly, creating majestic harmonies in each note they sing.   As you listen to the song, your heart is soothed and your spirit is lifted in a most tranquil and ethereal way.

“I’m so pressed off you /I get stuck in your eyes sometimes /Under moon light I feel so high /I feel so high…”

“Water Sign” is such an enchanting piece, a story of love unfolding behind the backdrop of the moon and evening sunset, with hearts intertwining capturing the moment of splendor and bliss.

“My water sign, calm just like the wind at night /Feisty like a fire sign/No I don’t mind, I don’t mind/Water sign, kiss me till our soul touched skies/Feelings free so take your time/I don’t mind, I don’t mind/My water sign”

August08 new EP “Towards The Moon” is the second half of his two-part debut album project, titled “Seasick.”  He released the first half of “Towards the Sun” back in April.

On  “Towards The Moon,” August08 shows off his dynamic vocal range throughout the six tracks, blending a symphony of song and music explorations, as he leads listeners on a journey through rhythm and flow.

In repeat mode, “Towards The Moon” tops the playlist!

Check out AugustO8 & Jhene Aiko’s smooth groove“Water Sign” here and “Towards the Moon” EP below. Available on all digital streaming platforms today.

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