Exclusive Premiere: R&B sensation Tylan debuts double single release “Twist It” feat Enchanting and “Summer Love”


Singer, songwriter, and actor Tylan is giving you something you can feel with every melody, harmony, and rhythm that glides soulfully upon each lyric that he writes. With the double single release of “Summer Love” and “Twist It” feat. Enchanting, he’s determined to make a powerful impact while fulfilling his mission to bring back real R&B to millennials. Known for his soulful R&B with a hint of trap, his music is reflective and appeals to younger and more mature audiences. 

I want to create music that evokes emotions of excitement, sensuality, and human consciousness,” says Tylan. 

A true soul artist at heart, Tylan never took his eye off the pulse of the culture. As Hip Hop leads globally as the greatest selling genre of all time, he knew that a fusion with hip hop was necessary. The artist followed suit and teamed up with the one and only Soulja Boy for the hit single “My Type.” With over 96 thousand views to date, the fan love poured in with comments ranging from “Great Sound!!! Track stands up without watching the video, dope track,” to “This song is fire.” 

It wasn’t the first and it wouldn’t be the last time he’d give fans music so great that they wouldn’t need a music video to like the song. In fact, he’s a singer-s singer who could hold a tune and captivate you even if he sang his original music a capella. It’s a skill that most entertainers his age, these days lack – meaningful lyrics, soulful harmonies, and the perfect vibes yet he has been very intentional and methodical about the music he puts in the atmosphere. 

He has a way with his words that makes every woman that listens to his songs feel loved, valued, celebrated, and wanted. No doubt, for every fan that ever joined the movement to bring back real R&B, his new single “Twist Itfeaturing Enchanting is a song that will draw you in and captivate you. “I want my songs to reach the depth of people’s souls. I want to sing and write music that relates to everyone’s experiences and transport them to a place of love,” he says. 

Understanding the time and the season we’re in – he made this one for the summer girls who need a good R&B vibe and Hip Hop fusion “Summer Love” is it! And for all the men who recognize that the woman they are with is their “favorite girl” with a love built to last through all the seasons of life.

You can hear the swag in his voice as sings in the hook “Keep it warm in the winter, fall in the fall/ Spring do it thing but baby through it all/ You’ll always be my summer love/ Snow fights on my phone on rainy nights, getting chains in the sand like I know you like/ Baby you’re the one my summer love.” 

And in his track “Twist Itfeatures Enchanting, the R&B star gets grown and sexy and shows that even though he’s only 19 – he can out-perform guys twice his age, on and off the stage. 

Spin your body like a block, keep you gassed up like a drop top (we gone cruse) / Careful how I treat you I know it will set the tone/ Cause I don’t wanna hear that uh huh when we’re on the phone,” he raps in the sensual track before admitting his guilty pleasure in the catchy hook “Baby you got me stuck the way you move when you Twist your hips you got me looking/ Twist from your legs, know it out of place I’m guilty of having your eyes locked in/ Twist from your legs wanna but close up your legs/ Tell me I’m dreaming baby, must be dreaming when I see you I cant lie/ I get tugged in everytime you walk by Twist.” 

With over 204K followers on Instagram, the R&B star has proven that he has the attention of the masses. Just under a week ago when he announced the release of his latest single “Twist It” so many fire emojis were sent that the flames would have been unquenchable if they were real. “Let’s goo I’m fire up” one fan wrote, while another posted “Keep bringing that smoke.” 

Take a listen to our exclusive premiere of Tylan’s “Summer Love” and  “Twist It” below.

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