WHAT YOU MAY HAVE MISSED: NEW R&B MUSIC/ City Girls & Usher, Beyonce, Mary J Bilge, Giveon, Jazmine Sullivan, Idman, Enchanting


R&B lovers have been graced with so much new music the past few weeks, and even more, was dropped this past weekend. Here are some new R&B releases you may have missed.

Hip Hop duo City Girls released their new single and visual for the summer anthem “Good Love,” featuring Usher Friday, July 1. The song takes you back to the 90’s, with a sample of Kilo Ali’s beat for his 90’s hit, “Freak You How You Want It.”

In the chorus, Usher says,” I can freak it ’til the morning (Yeah) /Get on top and ride on it (Ride it, ride it, ride).”

The City Girls and Usher dance at the roller skating rink to the upbeat song, while others at the party join in dancing and skating. And of course, the City Girls showcase their signature dance moves. The song will make you dance and is perfect for the summer.

Click below to watch “Good Love.”


Beyonce, Queen Bey surprised the Beyhive and the world with her new single, “Break My Soul.” Bey talks about letting go of anything that’s not serving your life anymore-“Got motivation / I done found me a new foundation /yeah, and I’m taking my new salvation.”

The track is not strictly R&B, but is more in the genre of pop, dance, or house music. The track will get you out of your seat and make you feel empowered and ready to take control of your life. On her Instagram page, Bey announced the release of her seventh studio album, “Renaissance,” which is set to release July 29. Bey also gave a sneak peek of her album cover and she was sitting high on a sparkling horse, showcasing her curves.

Bey said she hopes her fans “find joy in the music.” “I hope it inspires you to release the wiggle.”

Click below to listen to “Break My Soul.”


Mary J. Blige released a visual for her single, “Come See About Me,” featuring Fabulous. Mary J. Blige is serving body in the video on the beach with her love interest while sipping wine and enjoying the beach. Mary J. honestly looks happy in the video. The mid-tempo song is a feel-good track, talking about spending time with that special one.

Click below to watch “Come See About Me.”


Enchanting is showing her singing and R&B skills on her new single and video, “What I Want,” featuring Jacquees, which dropped Wednesday, June 29. The song gives 90s R&B vibes and fans are loving it as one YouTube fan wrote- “This definitely has an old school vibe🔥🔥🔥🔥💞.”  The song talks about ‘Enchanting’ and her love interest at the bar and not being able to resist each other.

“1 a.m.., we was at the bar /I told him that I’m tryna look at the stars /Just like that, I’m in the backseat of his car.”

Jacquees and Enchanting are at a club or lounge in the video dancing and having a good time and Enchanting makes it to the backseat of the car with her love interest

Enchanting is signed to Gucci Mane’s record label 1017 Records.

Click below to watch the video for “What I Want.”


 Giveon has released his highly anticipated album, “Give or Take,” Friday, June 24, and his voice is as smooth and soulful as ever. The track “Let Me Go,” has a prelude from his mother talking about how proud she is of her son and that she’s so proud she feels sick and it feels like a dream. The track is mid-tempo and talks about him having a lady that he wants to be with, but he does not feel she is ready to love him and if he’s worth his time. He is telling her to love him or let him go. On the outro of the song, his mother tells him that people will not always agree with each other and to remember that.

The track “Scarred,” is a song about being broken and scared to be in love. Giveon says, “My last love was cold, So now I gotta be the coldest.” You can hear the pain in his voice, which makes the song really put at the heartstrings.

“This Will Do,” is a very intimate song, where Giveon goes even deeper about love and how it’s hard to commit. “Far from love and know it’s because I Sing what I been through on these instrumentals.”

In the song, Giveon talks about meeting a lady after one of his shows. He knows it is not love, but he says it will do because he’s not quite ready yet to get too serious. Everyone in the universe has more than likely felt this way at some point. The music is slow, mellow, and sexy at the same time.

“Lost Me,” gives summer vibes and Giveon said he is not looking “for the one,” and right now is just having fun. The R&B superstar says kissing is fine, “but if you’re looking for love, that’s where you lost me.” The song has a nice beat and is more on the upbeat side.

Overall, this album is a very intimate piece of work. The beats are captivating and along with Giveon’s voice, you won’t skip a track.

Click below to listen to “Give or Take.”


Toronto native and Somali artist Idman released a new song, “Look At What I’m Doing To You,” from her upcoming EP, “Risk.” The track is upbeat and combines pop, dance music, and R&B. This song is about self-empowerment in my opinion, and also about other cultures that like the culture of African Americans and even try to mimic the culture.

Click below to watch “Look At What I’m Doing To You.”


Grammy Award winner Jazmine Sullivan released her own version of “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child,” which is part of the soundtrack for “Elvis” biopic, which is in theaters now. The track was produced by Oscar & Grammy winner DMile.

Jazmine delivers soulful vocals on her spin of the classic track, showing her range and her smooth way of running her vocals. She even takes you to church with the track, with the repetition of the lyrics long way from home, while she adlibs on top of the background.

Click below to listen to “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child.”

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